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Solar Cell Memorandum

October 15 1999

I would like to propose the use of solar cells to supplement the power for notebook computers.  In today’s market there are thousands of notebook users, and one of the most common, and the most inconvenient problem they face, is running out of power. 

 Because changes in light conditions causes fluctuations in the current produce by the solar array, it is not feasibly to replace the notebook battery with the solar unit.  This proposal suggests the use of solar arrays to charge batteries.  The solar array will be connected to a built-in battery charger, which will continuously charge the battery in the presence of light, weather the notebook is turned on or off. This will greatly prolong the battery life, thereby extending the running time of the notebooks.

 The power supplement will be a rectangular solar array.   The dimension of the array will be approximately 250 millimetres wide, by 300 millimetres long, by 5 millimetres deep.   This array will be attached to the top cover of the notebook.  This layout is very feasible, because it will fit the average notebook.  Furthermore, the solar array will seamlessly integrate with the notebook, because it will not add too much bulk or weight to the overall package.

 The batteries that power the average notebooks have a power output of approximately 50-Watts.  The solar array will consist of solar cells, connected in a series, to provide enough power to charge the battery.   Since charging the batteries will require only a fraction of the 50 Watts, the solar array will be feasible to provide enough power to help charge the battery.

 In conclusion, this project is feasible, and steps should be undertaken to take the project into the next stages.


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